KISS Concerts 2015

KISS is the infamous, legendary Rock N Roll band that started in the 70’s and is celebrating their 40th Anniversary World Tour this year. Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer make up the awesome sound for this World Tour. If you’ve never seen KISS you should try and make their show as it is one you’ll never forget.

KISS recorded their first album, KISS, in 1973 and started touring. The original KISS members were Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Paul Stanley and Peter Chriss. By 1974, their outrageous outfits and fire-breathing stunts on stage were taking notice.

Gene Simmons (bass) had his face painted as a Demon, Paul Stanley (rhythm guitar) as a Starchild with a huge star painted around his eye, Space Ace was Ace Frehley (lead guitar) and Peter Chriss (drummer) was painted like a cat for his rough childhood and having nine lives.

KISS continued to put out albums and perform live and by 1976, the world was anticipating the KISS concert experience; fire-breathing acts, drums levitating, shooting rockets, never before seen light show.

KISS took the stage and blew everyone away. They performed at Madison Square Garden, New York, to a sold out show in 1977 and had the KISS comic book released by Marvel Studios. 1977 was a great year for the band as they broke record audiences made by the Beatles all over the world.

Peter Chriss, drummer, leaves the band in 2001 and Eric Singer steps in. In 2002, Ace Frehley refuses to perform in Jamaica and quits the band, Tommy Thayer takes over as lead guitarist.

The KISS band has had its’ troubles through the years but the members have always had the fans in their best interests. KISS has the largest and loyal fan base in the history of Rock-N-Roll. After their World Tour they are Hosting The KISS Kruise on the beautiful Norwegian ship Pearl for their fans. It will sail on October 30 from Miami, FL to Ochos Rios, Jamaica. Thanks KISS.

It’s 2015 and KISS is performing their 40th Anniversary World Tour; starts in Bogota, Columbia on April 10, Ecuador on the 12th, Chile the 14th, Argentina the 16th, Uruguay the 18th, Brazil the 20, 21st & 23rd. That’s just the beginning!

They’ll take a month off and start performing in Germany at the end of May and continue throughout Europe. The last show is in New Zealand October 16th. These guys are rocking hard this year! Check out their website for the complete itinerary…’s exhausting just reading it.

3 Benefits of a European Vacation Package

Frankly, there are literally hundreds of benefits of a European vacation package.These can range from the latest modern transportation, to the horse drawn cart for transportation. From the highest mountains to the flat farm lands. Housing can range from the cheapest hostels to the most expensive 5 Star accomadations, known on this planet.

However, we are going to concentrate on three benefits that can be found regardless of the europen vacation package you select.

Diverse Cluture

Every country that you visit on your European vacation will have a different culture and language. But one of the benefits of each of these cultures, that many of the natives speak English fluently. Which gives a common bond for all that visit.

A great many of these different countries are so diversied as to be the most modern, to the more traditional and “old ways society. You can find yourself gazing up at a monsterous skyscrapper one minute and then walking into a pub that has not changed except for the adding electricity and sanatation facilites.

Every country has its own traditions and laws, thus making traveling through Europe and adventure every day.

European Weather

From the wind blown slopes of Scottland to the snow covered mountains of Switzerland the weather in of itself can add adventure and excitment to your holiday. It’s not unusual to find yourself on a sunny beach in the Medeterian, then catching a flight to snow ski in the Alps during a snow storm.

Best Benefit of All…Food and Drink

If you like to eat and the majority of people do, you will be able to find every kind of cusine in the world. From the 5 Star Resturants to “Mom and Pop” sidewalk cafes you can find what you like. And yes as much as I hate to say it you can even find fast food from Tacos to McDonalds.

But there is one last benefit of a European package I want to mention. You can roll all of the above into one fantastic vacation in a very shot time. Go For It!